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:: t r a n s i s t o r s :: n e w s ::.. [2006 - February]

In this newsletter:
>> 10 years! Happy Birthday, Transistors!!!

>> New friends on Viva Transistors
>> Old traces of a gem: Mission on Venus, video animation


:: 10 years! Happy Birthday Transistors! ::

It's always necessary to play "inside a movement" against "stereotypes" as Guy Debord, the Situationist father, was saying : << the world has already been filmed. It's time to transform it >>.

Transistors was/are one of the recurrent elements that hide behind the technical inventions, the art-déco, the aesthetics of the objects of memorabilia.

For us, Transistors is the innovating and polyvalent "trait" behind a project idea. So, The Transistors means music and technology applied to the Art world.

The Transistors since 1995/1996.

Happy Birthday, Transistors!


New friends on Viva Transistors gallery

Other new vip friends into our viva:transistors::gallery!

Garbo (musician and producer. An italian icon in electro-pop music field. One the father of theitalian new wave movement of the eighties)

(writer and blogger. She manages the intertainment web portal www.delirio.net)

Matteo B. Bianchi
(writer and speaker / author of "Dispenser" - Radio Rai 2)

Margoo (electronic musician, experimenter and producer - WoT4 rec. - Lo Rec)

>> viva::transistors::gallery (#7)



Old traces of a gem: Mission on Venus, video animation

'Ultratoon' was realized for the exhibition"Random arte varia" by Kroitnijz Roma 'Diesel store'
October 2002
Drawings: Sandra Virlinzi
Animation: Fabrizio Rebagliati, Gomma Animedia www.gomma.cx
Music: The Transistors 'Mission on Venus' (Gak Sato Custom Mix)
>> transistors::gallery


:: the thin white LUKE

We are proud to present you the new webspace of our Luke! All of his passions are listed there. Don't forget to leave a messagge on his blog.
>> http://lukeblog.splinder.com


:: ErMan's Corner!

erman's corner
ErMan has opened his first blog. A "magazine" dedicated to all the Modern Music. Inside you'll find the collections of all the reviews and interviews released by ErMan, or by Erman & Luke, as jourmalist for some magazines or web magazines as Vip Lounge (now MondoEZ!), Il Giaguaro, Cool& Strange Music mag., Colonne Sonore, All About Jazz, etc.... (in italian and english languages).

If you like to read about music, if you have lost some of our "unique" interviews with the Fathers of Music, sign this link and check it for some updates!

Visit ErMan's corner
>> erman.iobloggo.com

ErMan, Luke and Miss Ari

Music for your pleasure

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