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Mission on Venus - CD single & 10"
(Temposphere/Right Tempo) - June 2001
The Transistors 'Mission on Venus'
(Gak Sato & Kid Loco remixes) TSPH 0701/2 CDS & TSPH 0702 10" (Temposphere)

While we wait for their debut album 'ATELIER' (TSPH 0700) and as a follow up to the success earned by their first single release, The Transistors delivers a further rivisitation of their classic 'Mission on Venus'.

In the 10" version (TSPH 0702 10"), we find three versions by great artist and producer Kid Loco (vocal, Instrumental and bonus beat). The so called 'Belleville Carnival mix' versions, as the name itself implies, have a dancefloor arrangement performed by the Parisian master. While keeping the inspired vocals by Miss Ari and the swinging Hammond work of Davide Pistoni, Kid Loco has added to it an irresistible rhythm structure which doubles up in the final for an eruption of colors and beats. Needless to say, the solid Royal Belleville style brass section comes out here and there. 'Mission on Venus' Belleville Carnival mix is destined to be one of the club anthems for the summer/autumn 2001.

In the CD Single version (TSPH 0701/2 CDS), we can finally find the original version of 'Mission on Venus' (never previously released on CD format) along with Gak Sato's 'Custom mix' (recently licensed to V2 Japan and on CD for the first time), Kid Loco's vocal version and the track 'Cocktail di neve in oro' (also never available before on CD format).

'Mission on Venus' remix is a fancy presentation of this trio from Rome (Maurizio 'ErMan' Mansueti, Luca 'Luke' Cirillo e Arianna 'Miss Ari' Lacqua) The Transistors who very soon will please the world with their debut album 'ATELIER'.

Available in CDS and Vinyl: Bar code CDS 8019991210895 Bar code Mix 10" 8019991210888

You can listen a preview on-line at
kid loco.com

or you can buy it on-line at
dustygroove america (u.s.a.)
atrecordings.com (europe)
waverecordstore (japan)