Mission on Venus……….
Resucked, in a temporal-space hole, by a psychedelic-multicoloured vortex, The Transistors find in the year 2000 a parallel universe to the one inhabited by The Jetsons, smiling and reassuring, filled by flying-cars,
shiny lofts, space-style sparkling plastic furniture and wonderful cretures with future-beat hairdos and trapezoidal miniskirts. This is the parallel universe where the whole Mission on Venus adventure is set…


Spy and Space Age Pop meet on a obsessive bass "walking line". Vibes and the Ob3 Hammond keep the "thriller like" tension high and act as a counterpart to the vocals by Miss Ari which in the final defies the Hammond played by master Davide Pistoni ( fan of Jimmy Smith).

Kettledrums, Vibes and Hammond a go-go! Trenchant as an exotica-out of date spot. The bass line and ending vibes' solo were supervised by Gak Sato (special guest).

Gak Sato has managed to complete the Ep with a great essay of composition and rhythmics, writing the track and creating almost a new one, holding tight to the original Spy and jazzy approach of the original, but interpreting as the talented dj/producer he is, The Transistos' style in a "unique" way. The Transistors have found in Gak a precious collaborator, with a talent worth of a "researcher" of both vintage and digital sound.

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The Transistors now!

In 1996-1998 Transistors were ErMan and Vic G, since 1999 Miss Ari and Luke are on board with ErMan.

Miss Ari
has a great voice, a nice smile and loves Mina, especially the jazzy Mina of "Spyral Waltz" (from Ost La Decima Vittima).

uke, since his early 20ies, disturbed by the ancestral reminiscences of Joe D'amato movies, began to compose OST for RAI (italian state tv) and different tv spots'music . He is a great fan of the movie Endgame (a remake of La Decima Vittima) therefore there could not have been a better astral conjunction for his new adventure with ErMan, whom is definig himself as a modern Doctor Quatermass!

They play dangerous games with the time-machine playing the homologated exotica sound, served up to our fathers-young-occidental-victims-of-the-first-catodic-era, with a punk desire and aesthetics. They play Space Age Pop, Exotica, Lounge and Nu Jazz inverting the course of homologated sounds, claiming that to make muzak today is punkier than punk itself. Because crazed vibes, so bizarre and confortable, play in our memory with a desire for re-appropriation of a future that today does not exist.


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