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Stop Shoot Shock Shout
A Transistors video by MARZIO MIRABELLA

a video from the TRANSISTORS cd MODERN LANDSCAPE (Funky Juice 2008)

Stop Shoot Shock Shout By The Transistors
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special guest

directed by

video @ 2008 by The Transistors & O Family



Stop Shoot Shock Shout poster

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Sara Sartini

Valentina Tonini del Furia


Raffaella Ponzo

Miss Ari




Marzio Mirabella

Massimo Santimone

Leonardo Davì

Guido Laudani's cars collection



Music by Maurizio Mansueti / Words by Luca Cirillo
from The Transistors CD "MODERN LANDSCAPE"

Published by Funky Juice Records fu-ju 123-022 (2008)
ISRC Code: IT B06-08-00134

Feat. Maurizio Fumenti (Cellophane Flowers): guita




This video is an homage to sixties spy and sexy movies. Try to think to Diabolik by Mario Bava, The 10th Victim by Elio Petri. All the scenes of this short-movie were filmed in the same places that were the inspiration for many italian movies. But this video is also an homage to Russ Meyer with predatory superwomen, tiny sports cars, sexy fighting and finally an amusing spy story as Get Smart by Mel Brooks!




:: Sara Sartini ::
After a training in a school of drama, she made her big-screen debut as lead role in ”L’educazione sentimentale di Eugenie” (2005) directed by Aurelio Grimaldi.
She is among the actors in some of the most important Italian tv series (fictions) as "Distretto di polizia", “Un posto al sole": Recently, her new experience is in "La nuova squadra", a new detective tv series with great success in Italy.
Curiousness: in the past, Sara Sartini had a role in "Gioir d'amore" a videoclip for Rossana Casale, a singer loved by The Transistors.

:: Valentina Tonini del Furia ::
After a training in school of drama stages and labs, she had her first role as protagonist in “Sottocasa” a well known Italian soap TV series for Rai 1 tv.
She was among the actors of the full-length film “Fuorifuoco” (University La Sapienza Rome)
Curiousness: during the shooting of Stop Shoot Shock Shout, she acts as lead role in "Io e Rodo al bar" (a videoclip for Swim).

:: Reyko ::
Young and lovely model. Stop Shoot Shock Shout video is her debut as actress.
Curiousness: Reyko also models for fetish-art photos by Luke.

:: Raffaella Ponzo ::
Discovered by the director Salvatore Piscicelli, Raffaella Ponzo had a main role in "Il corpo dell'anima": a Piscicelli’s movie performed also by Roberto Herlitzka and Ennio Fantastichini, which had a good public and critics response. She acted again for a Piscicelli’s movie called “Quartetto”.
After these experiences she acted for the director Tinto Brass (king of Italian erotic movies) in "Voyeur" and "Fallo".
Moreover, she was in the cast of "Gangs of New York" by Martin Scorsese!
Curiousness: she acted with Luke in “Presenze Notturne”, a digital independent serial produced by Christian Arioli.

:: Miss Ari ::
And finally our Miss Ari. On Stop Shoot Shock Shout she played the role of the antagonist of the main actress. She had a good preparation for the final fight, thanks to Leonardo Davì her martial arts trainer.
She is the heroine on Stop Shoot Shock Shout! Like in a comic strip, you’ll love her, and you’ll become a fan!




:: Marzio Mirabella ::
Marzio Mirabella is the director of Stop Shoot Shock Shout video. Director and writer of short-movies (“Il Caso Ordero”, “Vortice”), documentaries (“Correndo per il mondo” Rete 4 tv), commercials (Cepim, “Avrò i tuoi occhi” book-trailer, “Quentin Tarantino” book-trailer), music videos.
He is a co-founder of O-Family, a production company together with Massimo Santimone and Daniele Corsi.

:: Massimo Santimone ::
Executive production of Stop Shoot Shock Shout video.
Massimo Santimone is writer and speaker of radio-programs as “Pausa Pranzo” (Radio Genova Sound), Magazine Spettacolo (Radio Nostalgia).
In cinema field, he was writer of the short-movie “A modo mio” by Roberta Lolli and Ugo Nuzzo. He was also writer and producer of many short-movies as “La cura” di Federico Pizzo, “Il Caso Ordero” by Marzio Mirabella, “A modo mio” by R.Lolli, U.Nuzzo. He was also co-writer of the short-movie “Indagine sessuale dal pianeta Godard”.




Two incredible sports cars, from Guido Laudani's collection, were used on Stop Shoot Shock Shout video: MG B GT and Morgan 4/4 !

The first one, the MG B GT, is a classic sports car from MG (Great Britain).The MGB GT combines the attractive lines of the Tourer, designed by Don Hayter, with the supremely elegant Pininfarina roof line, being one of the best looking cars in it's time, and still today!
It was used also on Doctor Who!

From Doctor Who - Tv series (1963_1989) Ep. 7-01

The second one, the Morgan 4/4, is another classic tiny sports car from UK. The Morgan Motor Company have been manufacturing the Morgan 4/4 for over 70 years.  A classic car used in many movies. For example: in "Silent Movie" by Mel Brooks (L'ultima follia di Mel Brooks - in Italy - ndr).

In this photo: Mel Brooks, Marty Feldman and Dom DeLuise from "Silent Movie"




Soon a new photo gallery with many backstage photos taken by Guido Laudani (official movie photographer) and ErMan.





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