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Last Train A Transistors video by RURAL WAR ROOM

featuring The Transistors
ErMan, Luke and Miss Ari

Music by Maurizio Mansueti and Luca Cirillo
Words by Luca Cirillo

Special guest:
GARBO – lead vocal

other guest:
Giuseppe "Elfacia" Cirillo: guitars

Movie directed by
Rural War Room (Donavan Suitt and Byron Werner)

From the Transistors CD:
"Modern Landscape" (2008 Funky Juice)

Video @ 2008 by Rural War Room
Donavan Suitt and Byron Werner



Donavan Suitt & Byron WernerRURAL WAR ROOM is a collaborative effort conducted by two experimental artist/musicians to create a psychedelic audio and video landscape using unconventional methods. The results on this release range from electro-rock to drum 'n bass to chill. The duo takes a fresh perspective an obscure and often misunderstood genre; sound collage, video collage.

Byron Werner
- collage artist, vinyl specialist that sparked interest in lost 1950s lounge music which revived the work of Juan Esquivel and Raymond Scott, coined the phrase "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music" and wrote numerous CD/album liner notes through the years.

Donavan Suitt
- remixer, keyboardist, vinyl specialist, producer, recording artist and current developer of the mash-up remix as a pioneer of the method since the 1980s.

Please visit their website: >>
Rural War Room



GarboSpecial guest:
GARBO. He is the lead vocal, together with our Miss Ari. Garbo is a great italian artist. He was one of the prime movers of italian electro-pop during the eighties. Today we are honored to have Garbo as special guest!
Please visit Garbo website: >> Garbo on myspace

Things to know:
"Sexual spyderotic videotape" is a phrase inside this track! Another strange word that reminds us to Spyderotica! (Spyderotica was our hit and our manifesto on Atelier cd)

On the video: take a look at the shadow of the man behind the door.. is ErMan?

Deborah CalýFurther things to know: Deborah Calì!
Last Train is dedicated to Deborah Calì. A starlet of the eighties for several Tinto Brass and Ninì Grassia erotic movies.
Luke translated in English some of the titles of her movies, as Fatal Provocation, Woman's Taste, Crazy Underwear, The Doll, etc.... The final result is funny!

The pronunciation of Calì, is like KALi' the Hindu goddess...
So there are some phrases as "I-dea Calì" that sounds in italian as "Dea Kalì" where Dea in italian is like in english the word "goddess".... or better a sex goddess!

Our special thanks to Byron Werner, to Donavan Suitt for their great ARTwork, and to Garbo a great artist, a good friend.

ErMan, Luke and Miss Ari





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