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The Transistors - Atelier
Temposphere/Right Tempo
TSPH 0700 CD - October 2002

The Spyderotic Sound, it's new, it's cool and it's here to stay!!
As a solid and credible follow up to the success earned by their first two single releases 'Mission On Venus', The Transistors deliver their debut album 'ATELIER'; a new wave in urban pop music. The Spyderotic Sound.

ATELIER is a swinging, intriguing and fascinating collection of tracks destined to establish The Transistors as the true leader band of the internationally acclaimed Spyderotic Sound.

Sophisticated melodies, intuitive arrangements, irresistible rhythm patterns and technology, along with Miss Ari's addictive vocals meet the great influences left by the greatest Sound Tracks masters.

Beware, this is not a silly and superficial revival album of the 60's and the 70's; to the contary ATELIER is an album projected for future with ingredients from the past and the attitude of today.

Spyderotic Sound that's what it it is … .
The New sound of a generation of cats searching new directions in music. The New sound rich of suggestions, melodies and rhythm entering the real space age.

If you wish to understand what the Spyderotic Sound is, check out the track 'Spyderotica' itself. A slammin' song who launches the 'Cinerama Collection', the first one to be presented on The Transistors' piece of work.

'Cinerama Collection' further features rhythm gems as 'Kitchen' or 'Cocktail di neve in oro' and the charming and seductive 'Scivola Via'.
'Arancio nel Deserto di Ghiaccio' is a love message to great Italian Sound Track composer Piero Piccioni.


The following 'Futurama Collection' pushes ahead, gets more intriguing and suggests landscapes of planets, stars and space stations. A romantic view of an interstellar landscape.

'Mission On Venus'
, 'Dummies and Shoes', 'Teletransport', 'Operazione Odi Et Amo' and 'Traffic Exploitation' swing you all the way to the end of this fantastic album were, the 'Bonus Collection' offers you Gak sato and Kid Loco's extravaganza on 'Mission on Venus'.

They said about The Transistors:

"El maestro" Esquivel (the genius of Space Age era!): Br. Cleve wrotes us: "El Maestro" Esquivel had been listening to The Transistors CD and enjoying it very much! He loves "Viva Esquivel!" and wanted to thank you very much for writing it.
Byron Werner (the man who coined S.A.B.P.M.:Space Age Bachelor Pad Music): "What a lovely singer you have in Miss Ari! Gentle yet strong, subtle and seductive!"
Kid Loco (One of the best producers and DJ from Paris!): (Mission on Venus was "number one" on his famous charts during September 2000" ndr). "I think Mission on Venus is a really good track! And Miss Ari is great: what a beautiful voice......"
Wolfgang Flür (Kraftwerk): "Astonishing! Astonishing! Word is little, minds are big, thoughts are huge. "Mission on Venus" sounds good!"
Johan Dada Vis (Dada Exotiquarium): "I hope The Transistors will fill the gap that exists now since Combustible Edison doesn't make any new CDs anymore."
The Millionaire (Combustible Edison): "The Transistors - Mission on Venus - is one of my faves of the year 2000. I play it all the time on my show!".

Get more info on the Spyderotic Sound band on www.thetransistors.com

Available on CD only: Bar code CD 8032523020038

Still available:
- The Transistors 'Mission On Venus' G. Sato & Kid Loco - Bar code CDS 8019991210895
- The Transistors 'Mission On Venus' Kid Loco Mix - Bar code Mix 10" 8019991210888
- The Transistors 'Mission On Venus' Gak Sato Mix - Bar Code Mix 12" 8019991210413

Distributed by: Soul Seduction - office@soulseduction.com

Produced by Rocco Pandiani & Gak Sato