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The Transistors - Atelier (Temposphere/Right Tempo) TSPH 0700 CD
Credits from the album

The Transistors:

Miss Ari
Maurizio "ErMan" Mansueti:
theremin, sampler, voice, keyboards & computer prog.
Luca "Luke" Cirillo:
keyboards, electric piano, electronic percussion, voice

Gak Sato: mixing & recording, additional prog.
Brother Cleve: "clevenet" and organ in "Spyderotica", hammond solo in "Kitchen"
Mauro Sabbione: keyboards in "Il Silenzio Avvolge"
Davide Pistoni: hammond solo in "Mission on Venus"
Giuseppe "Elfacia" Cirillo: guitar, backing voice in "Kitchen"

Thanks to:
Steve Piccolo: vocal direction and great ideas in "Spyderotica" and "Teletransport"

Special thanks for their great support to:
Byron Werner, Mauro Sabbione, Kid Loco, Wolfgang Flür and Johnson Righeira.

Arranged by: L. Cirillo/ A. Lacqua/ M. Mansueti/ G. Sato

Recorded in: Rome Italy (Wave Recording. Studio, Synthesia, Music House),
Milan Italy (Right Tempo Lab. - Gak Sato Studio)
Paris France (Lafayette Velvet Basement - Kid Loco Studio)
and Somerville MA, Usa (Br. Cleve Studio)

Recorded by: Gak Sato, Giovanni Formosa, Gianni del Popolo, Davide Pistoni, Kid Loco and Br. Cleve

Produced by Rocco Pandiani & Gak Sato
Original Photo by Jole Maselli
Sleeve design by Daitok

"Atelier" is dedicated to Piero Umiliani and Juan Garcia Esquivel
"Kitchen" is dedicated to Sylva Koscina

Official Web Site - www.thetransistors.com

(P)&(C) Right Tempo 2002